SiberSafe for System Integrators

SiberSafe is integration-friendly. Database independent, and free from the constraints of specific authoring and publishing tools, SiberSafe delivers a compelling, standards-compliant content solution for System Integrators.

SiberSafe is a highly customizable solution that can be fully integrated into an organization's XML applications environment via the SiberSafe SDK, which includes C#, C++ and Java APIs. SiberSafe supports all major authoring tools and includes ready-made integrations with PTC Arbortext Epic, Justsystems XMetaL, and Adobe FrameMaker (including the DITA Application Pack).

SiberSafe offers full support for industry standards that include DocBook, DITA, S1000D, IETM/IETP, and SCORM. And, unlike other content management solutions, SiberSafe is database independent, allowing your clients the freedom to choose from any number of industry standard, JDBC-compliant database servers.

An exceptionally rich feature set provides component functionality such as:

  • Collaborative authoring and review
  • Visual link management
  • Conditional and multi-channel publishing
  • Translation management
  • Real-time fragment reuse analysis
  • Full support for industry standards
  • Version and workflow control
  • RDF/OWL Semantic Enablement via content modeling
  • Staging and deployment options
  • Dynamic generation of a cross-platform knowledge base

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What our customers say:

Barbara J. Reeder, President, SDI Government Solutions:

"The unprecedented flexibility of the SiberSafe solution and the responsiveness of SiberLogic’s team help us to successfully manage the conversion of technical manuals into any of the evolving standards of the Department of Defense Community.”

Cactus May, Manager, Technical Publications, Tokyo Electron:

"We use SiberSafe in a highly collaborative and complex global environment where it has proven to be both a reliable and flexible CMS. Streamlining the workflow from concept to deliverable with features such as conditional and multi-channel publishing has made us better at what we do. We've run SiberSafe through the paces, but SiberLogic have always been ready to turn whatever was hanging us up into the next great, new feature."

Philip Vallone, Manager, Technical Documentation, SDI Government Solutions

SDI has been using SiberSafe CMS/CSDB for over 5 years to manage and automate its technical documentation development, maintenance and conversion processes. SDI's business is project-driven and every project comes with its own set of standard compliance requirements. SiberSafe has helped SDI to successfully comply with multiple technical publication standards, including S1000D, MIL-STD-2361 and DITA for our commercial and US DoD clients' projects. SiberSafe has tremendously evolved over the years, helping us meet our diverse project requirements. SiberLogic’s technical support and consulting services have helped us meet the project deadlines in our documentation development and conversion projects.

Open Ratings, Dun & Bradstreet

Open Ratings (Dun & Bradstreet) has independently surveyed multiple SiberLogic's customer accounts and gave SiberLogic high marks for its past performance in a number of business related categories, based on the quality of its products and services. Download a copy of the Open Ratings evaluation report from our website


Product Information Line

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