SiberSafe S1000D Authoring

SiberSafe Author Studio is a complete content creation platform integrated with our CSDB for content management. Authors and other contributors will be able to work together in a collaborative environment to produce, maintain, and publish S1000D content for a variety of customer needs.

Tag selection is context sensitive. A basic working knowledge of the relevant S1000D standard is all that's needed for a technical author, as our system will guide you to only insert tags which are relevant to the type of data module you're creating and the content supported by the data standard.

Our editor supports a variety of image types and multimedia content, including 3d images with animations, which can be used in IETM publications.

Modules are automatically validated on check-in, both against the XML standard and any applicable business rules (BREX) data module, and can be manually validated at any time.

For non-technical contributors, or projects which do not strictly adhere to S1000D requirements, we have included a non-XML based data module type. XHTML data modules can be edited in an intuitive, simple WYSIWYG editor that will be familiar to most users. Content can be copied directly from an HTML source to be used or modified in SiberSafe.

One of our most recently added features is a now fully end-user customizable interface. Admin users can customize which buttons and features will be available to a viewer based on their user and user group permissions, right from the Author Studio console.