S1000D Conversion

Very commonly when moving to S1000D authoring a team will already have existing documentation that must be modified, maintained, converted, and re-published in various S1000D formats.

SiberSafe S1000D includes our premier legacy conversion technology, greatly simplifying the process of converting documentation from Microsoft Word and other legacy formats into S1000D.

Our pre-tagging system allows you to use formatting tags to systematically convert documentation with a greatly reduced level of manual input. Procedures, parts lists, and more can all be conveniently converted into the relevant S1000D data modules and can then be used and re-used in your publications as needed.

SiberSafe can also be used to house your tables and media information from legacy content, including images and 3d objects, with little additional effort. 

For larger and more complex conversion projects, SiberLogic can work with your team to define your needs and create a workflow that works for you. We can even custom create scripts that will help you convert large batches of data with well-defined requirements through a minimum of user intervention.