S1000D Features: Overview

SiberSafe offers a rich variety of both productivity and standard compliance features in the following key areas:

S1000D Integrated Authoring

SiberSafe is tightly integrated with many industry-standard authoring tools, such as XMetaL/XMAX, FrameMaker, Arbortext and XmlMind. In all these editors, all of the common SiberSafe IETM/TM development functions are accessible through the editor's menus and toolbars. A large set of stylesheets that comes with SiberSafe allows its users to author various information types out-of-the-box, including: descriptive, procedural, fault isolation/troubleshooting, illustrated parts lists, maintenance allocation planning and check lists data.



S1000D Content Importation

SiberSafe comes with the mass (batch) import utility that automatically imports Zipped batches of S1000D data modules. The importation accommodates both textual content and illustrations in the repository and can also be used for repeated importations of subsequent content updates. The imported content is automatically organized around the applicable classification hierarchy. LSA and Parts data can also be imported, if available, to serve as a project structural foundation.

S1000D Repository

SiberSafe works with many different SQL database systems, including Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL and others. Some of our customers manage terabytes of content in the SiberSafe repository. SiberSafe provides feature-rich workflow control and access control mechanisms that support groups, user accounts, roles, task types, task assignments, task states, task state transitions, automatically generated e-mail notifications and many other state-of-the-art features. SiberSafe workflow mechanism is 100% configurable to closely match the customer's business process that is currently in place. SiberSafe's webenabled user interface facilitates, among others, the following critical IETM development functions:

  • Content Browsing
  • Referential Integrity
  • Collaboration Management
  • Workflow Control
  • Content reuse and aggregation
  • Search and Indexing
  • Collaborative Review
  • Versioning and rollback
  • Translation Management
  • Change Management


S1000D Publishing

SiberSafe’s publishing module allows the user to generate both IETM and printable TM output that are compliant with such standards as MIL-STD-40051 and S1000D. Using the SiberSafe Styler module, the look and feel of the printable output can be customized in the familiar Microsoft Word formatting environment.


SiberSafe’s publishing module can also export Zipped content batches to facilitate exchange with partners and integrators who do not have direct access to the SiberSafe repository.

S1000D Legacy Content Transformation Module

SiberSafe provides unparalleled support for transforming source content/data into military standards (S1000D, MIL-STD-2361), including specifications, drawings etc. with speed and efficiency unprecedented in the industry. Source content is broken down into fragments; fragments are mapped onto data modules; illustrations/diagrams are automatically extracted; data modules are then automatically populated with the content of the fragments and illustrations/diagrams that have been mapped onto them. The linkage between the source content and S1000D data modules is maintained and visualized at all times. They can be automatically established using content maps created in Microsoft Excel or other XML-enabled spreadsheet applications.

S1000D IETM Viewer Module

SiberSafe "ready-to-use" IETM Viewer supports full navigation, search, vector graphics rendering (CGM/SVG), 3D (3KO) rendering and hotspot linking capabilities. SiberSafe IETM Viewer can be shipped on a CD or made accessible through a web portal. It can accommodate multiple IETM publications and offer the user to choose one or more for viewing. It allows the user to install new or update existing publications and warns if an already existing publication is being updated. SiberSafe’s S1000D IETM viewer has been significantly updated to comply with the requirements outlined in the S1000D Issue 4.0 specification, and in accordance with the US Army Business Rules. The viewer will operate on a variety of operating platforms (Firefox, IE).Below is a listing of some of the key features added.

  • Session Flow Control
  • DM status display toggle
  • Annotations/Bookmarks
  • Image Resizing
  • Reset Area
  • User-specific State Storage
  • Audit Trail
  • NGrain 3KO Support
  • DM status display at startup
  • Programmatic invocation of S1000D IETMs




What our customers say:

Barbara J. Reeder, President, SDI Government Solutions:

"The unprecedented flexibility of the SiberSafe solution and the responsiveness of SiberLogic’s team help us to successfully manage the conversion of technical manuals into any of the evolving standards of the Department of Defense Community.”

Philip Vallone, Manager, Technical Documentation, SDI Government Solutions

SDI has been using SiberSafe CMS/CSDB for over 5 years to manage and automate its technical documentation development, maintenance and conversion processes. SDI's business is project-driven and every project comes with its own set of standard compliance requirements. SiberSafe has helped SDI to successfully comply with multiple technical publication standards, including S1000D, MIL-STD-2361 and DITA for our commercial and US DoD clients' projects. SiberSafe has tremendously evolved over the years, helping us meet our diverse project requirements. SiberLogic’s technical support and consulting services have helped us meet the project deadlines in our documentation development and conversion projects.

Open Ratings, Dun & Bradstreet

Open Ratings (Dun & Bradstreet) has independently surveyed multiple SiberLogic's customer accounts and gave SiberLogic high marks for its past performance in a number of business related categories, based on the quality of its products and services. Download a copy of the Open Ratings evaluation report from our website