FrameMaker FM/MIF/XML Editor

Structured FrameMaker is ideal for the creation and publication of complex and lengthy technical documentation. It is the authoring tool of choice for a large segment of the technical writing community.

SiberSafe/FrameMaker XML integration

FrameMaker Integration MenuSiberSafe CMS is tightly integrated with FrameMaker, supporting up to the latest version, FrameMaker 9.0.  The SiberSafe integration with FrameMaker lets you create, edit, reuse, link, review and publish content in SiberSafe using the familiar FrameMaker interface. Our SiberSafe/FrameMaker XML integration extends FrameMaker authoring into a complete, cohesive, and cost-effective XML content management environment for technical documents.

On the authoring end of the process, the SiberSafe/FrameMaker integration offers standard SiberSafe functionality directly from FrameMaker via menus and context-sensitive commands.

The SiberSafe / FrameMaker integration also includes built-in help specific to the integration functions.

FrameMaker Integration MenuAuthors can check-in and check-out topics through the integrated menu in FrameMaker, and even promote a workflow task to its next step from within the FrameMaker environment. Locate content for cross referencing or reuse; add cross-references and conrefs. Add images and index terms. Do all this without leaving FrameMaker.

From within the FrameMaker interface, you can open the Repository Explorer to browse or search for content. To help find one topic among many, SiberSafe provides powerful index and search capabilities that enable users without intimate knowledge of the repository to locate topics quickly and intuitively.

On the publishing end of the process, the SiberSafe/FrameMaker integration offers the ability to use FrameMaker as the publishing engine to take content to PDF.

SiberSafe/FrameMaker DITA integration

Our FrameMaker DITA integration delivers SiberSafe DITA Edition functionality in conjunction with FrameMaker’s Application Pack for DITA. With the DITA Application Pack configured, SiberSafe automatically adjusts its integrated menu options to deliver seamless DITA content management functionality from within the FrameMaker user interface.

The SiberSafe commands integrated into the FrameMaker menu let you easily create documents from templates stored in the SiberSafe repository. SiberSafe supports authors with predefined templates for the easy creation of DITA topics or topic maps that conform to your specialization of the DITA DTD.

From the familiar FrameMaker environment, you can open a document and retrieve topic-based content along with associated dependencies such as xref targets, link targets, conref targets, and referenced images. And content reuse is streamlined and straightforward via SiberSafe's support for content references (conrefs).

SiberSafe linking functions are accessible through FrameMaker menus making it easy and efficient for authors. Authors can add images from their disk or from the SiberSafe repository.

Authors can declare repeatedly used content chunks (such as certain cautions and notes) as reusable, included into more than a single topic. SiberSafe ensures that a change made to a reused note will be immediately reflected in all the topics that include it.

XML/MIF content importation

Easily import native FrameMaker projects and XML/DITA content into SiberSafe by pointing at a ZIP file with all the project’s content. SiberSafe will automatically accommodate the folder structure, the books, the chapters and the illustrations and all their references. Improve the efficiency of working over slower networks when checking out a book or a chapter, decide wither only the selected object or the selected object and the included materials or the selected object, the included materials and the linked materials will be pulled into the working folder.

Another useful tool for a smoother transition from the native FrameMaker to DITA or other XML standard is the built-in capability to convert native FrameMaker books, along with the related chapters and illustrations into XML. The Frame-to-XML converter can be configured to support different specializations of DITA or other XML standards.

MIF Support

The SiberSafe/FrameMaker integration also provides a smooth transition from the native FrameMaker format (MIF/FM) to XML/DITA. Manage and author DITA and MIF content objects side-by-side. Enjoy the same link management, versioning, collaboration, working folder management and workflow features for both MIF and DITA. Check out a native FrameMaker book and have SiberSafe automatically pull all the related chapters and illustrations into the working folder.  Have SiberSafe prevent any references between books, chapters and illustrations from going bad. Move or rename native FrameMaker books, chapters and illustrations without invalidating their in/out-bound links. Check out and then check in a FrameMaker book and all its chapters with a single command.


SiberSafe has also integrated review into the FrameMaker interface. You can open a document to review it offline with FrameMaker. Alternatively, SiberSafe makes it easy for subject matter experts or peer-reviewers to concurrently annotate DITA topics using a web browser-based review tool that is easy to use. Many reviewers can annotate the same topic at the same time, adding their annotations on top of the topic content in context. This avoids rework because SME1 can see that SME2 has already corrected a mistake. Authors are freed from time managing an email campaign to get reviews done and integrated. Authors can open FrameMaker and see all the review comments, using FrameMaker menus to can move from one annotation to another, use the Next Annotation, Previous Annotation, First Annotation, and Last Annotation options on the Review menu.
FrameMaker Integration Menu


SiberSafe helps authors collaborate without stepping on each other’s work. It facilitates locking topics upon check-out and unlocking upon check-in in order to prevent content overwrites.

SiberSafe provides the version control to keep track of which version is which. It maintains a complete history of every change made to any DITA topic, illustration, or other supplementary resources so you can revert to a prior version if needed.

SiberSafe enables fragment level management of complex topic maps or complex hierarchical topics, including check in/out of individual topic sections/paragraphs, or of individual topicrefs/topicgroups, with version history retained at this level.

FrameMaker Integration MenuSiberSafe enables authoring teams to define and use index terms in a central index term catalog. The author marks content for inclusion in the index via an easy-to-use GUI, navigating the index term catalog and automatically inserting the selected index term hierarchy (e.g. baking, pastry, jelly filled) in the document, using the elements and attributes for index term specified in the DTD or Schema associated with the document being edited. This helps readers can find specific content more easily across the entire set. The following screenshot shows the available index terms for the author to select.


The FrameMaker integration incorporates SiberLogic's flexible, powerful workflow functionality:

  • authoring and review assignments are submitted and automatically distributed via workflow email
  • each contributor has a list of tasks and knows how and when to execute them
  • managers can keep track of progress and resource allocation

Create and manage workflow tasks and assignments. Select for opening in FrameMaker the topics/maps currently assigned to you through the workflow. Have SiberSafe automatically associate content modifications with the currently active workflow tasks and provide full traceability between workflow tasks and the correspondent changes made. As soon as a package of changes completes its workflow, automatically promote the whole change package for translation or inclusion into later documentation releases.

With a host of additional features such as translation management, the complexity of the technical documentation process is reduced to a single integrated platform.

The synergy between SiberSafe and FrameMaker offers real and tangible benefits to structured authoring teams. Both integrations enable technical documentation to be created with a familiar, highly appropriate tool, managed in an environment designed for exactly that material, and published using the best of both technologies.


On the publishing end of the process, another mission-critical function that SiberSafe CMS centrally enables for your team is FrameMaker-based server-side publishing. The SiberSafe/FrameMaker integration offers the ability to use FrameMaker as the publishing engine to take your content to PDF. Render your DITA maps as PDF on the server side using your FrameMaker structured application. Automatically produce and include the table of contents, table of indices and other similar artifacts.

One of the key differentiators of FrameMaker versus other XML editing tools is that it performs both the authoring and the desktop publishing functions. The support for generating professional quality page-oriented output is built into FrameMaker unlike any other tool in the XML market place. One of the key benefits of using FrameMaker that other competitive authoring tools fail to provide is its WYSIWYG capability as it is able to show your content exactly the way that it is going to be published. Both XMetaL and ArborText lack this capability and yet it is mission-critical for some documentation development shops. Besides, organizations that have already invested into building such FrameMaker applications and the related expertise may find it difficult or sometimes unacceptable to migrate to the use of the DITA Open Toolkit for generating their page-oriented output as they may not have the capacity to create and maintain a custom-built DITA Open Toolkit-based transformation. Our integration lets you use your existing in-house expertise to maintain your FrameMaker application and apply it to produce the page-oriented output that matches your requirements. Using the FrameMaker interface and its proven capability to layout and format large documents well, you can easily customize the look-and-feel of the printable output without the learning curve of using the DITA Open Toolkit or programming XSL-FO. This lets your organization leverage existing FrameMaker expertise for your structured or unstructured XML or FrameMaker content.

SiberSafe/FrameMaker Integration takes full advantage of FrameMaker as a desktop publishing system, which is good news for those organizations that have already invested into structured FrameMaker applications and built the customization expertise to maintain such applications.

Additionally, SiberSafe's publishing engine uses a state-of-the-art load balancing mechanism to facilitate multiple FrameMaker-based publishing processes, initiated by the same or many different users, that can be farmed  out to a one or more physical boxes for scalability in large teams.

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This document contains detailed pricing for different configrations of our XML CMS FrameMaker Solution
SiberSafe integration with the FrameMaker Application Pack for DITA, and the DITA Open Toolkit

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Includes insertion and navigation of conrefs and links from within FrameMaker; and DITA map publication to PDF via the DITA OT with conrefs etc. resolved and rendered.
SiberSafe/FrameMaker integration

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See SiberSafe run from FrameMaker to deliver an effective content management environment for technical documentation.
SiberSafe DITA Edition


This document describes the various features included in SiberSafe's DITA solution