Trados Translation Memory Integration

Most technical documents contain similar, if not identical, recurring phrases and statements that can make up 60% or more of the technical content. Translation memory tools like TRADOS help you capture this repeated content for future reuse, and help you avoid localizing the same phrases time and time again, slowing down project completion, as well as reduce the quality of your work, potentially leading to customer dissatisfaction.

SDL Trados® Studio is translation memory software from SDL TRADOS®.

  • It offers translation memory to avoid translating the same sentence twice
  • The minimal editing environment allows the translator to focus on translation rather than complex formatting and tags
  • Computer aided translation tools like SDL Trados can save translator from many repetitive tasks have been eliminated or automated to save time
  • Trados offers productivity gains, enabling you to deliver projects faster while still ensuring the highest quality translation

SiberSafe Translation/Localization

SiberSafe helps you cost-effectively generate the same product documentation in many languages by producing temporary documents that include only the subset of content that needs to be translated.

The "Translate" operation in SiberSafe creates a snapshot branch of your project when you are ready to begin translation. This new translation snapshot mirrors all the objects from the original project (files, folders, granularities, etc.). SiberSafe can keep track of those objects that have changed both in the source language area and in the translation area. After translation, the translation area will contain only translated content.

Then using SDL Trados, translators open the source file and apply the translation memory so that any “100% matches” (identical matches) or “fuzzy matches” (similar, but not identical matches) within the text are instantly extracted and placed within the target file.

As translators work through the source language file, they can accept or override the "matches” suggested by the translation memory with new translation. TRADOS stores manually updated 'translation units' within the translation memory for future use as well as for repetition in the current text. All segments in the target file without a “match” are translated manually and then automatically added to the translation memory.

Translation Updates

As a document is being translated, the source language document may be changed.
SiberSafe helps incorporate the changes made in the original language area to the translation area, while preserving all the translation work done to date. The translators can focus only on content that still requires translation, and never have to translate content more than once.

Additional Translation Support

Because documentation development and translation into different languages often occur in parallel, tracking multiple versions of original language content while matching them with already translated content can become complex.

SiberSafe incorporates additional features that allow teams to manage this complexity, such as:

  • SiberSafe identifies changes to tracked fragments to determine the need to (re)translate.
  • SiberSafe keeps the XML structure of documents in translation areas unchanged.
  • Version control. No version of a document is ever lost with SiberSafe. You can recover any of the previous versions of any document in the repository.
  • SiberSafe helps you find any word that was ever present in your documents, even if they have already replaced this word or phrase in the current version of the documentation.
  • SiberSafe allows you to authorize remote access to the repository. Your translation agencies or freelance translators can remotely access the repository through their web browser. All translation activity occurs in one place eliminating the necessity to manage multiple copies of files.



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TRADOS-based translation support


TRADOS and SiberSafe working together to streamline content translation.
Translation support in SiberSafe


SiberSafe tools that streamline the translation of product documentation into different languages.