XmlMind Multiplatform XML Editor

XMLmind XML Editor is a highly-extensible, multi-platform, validating XML editor featuring a word processor-like view. It makes it easy for technical writers to master XML vocabularies such as DocBook or DITA.

SiberSafe Communicator is our XMLMind Editor Integration

Our SiberSafe/XMLMind Editor integration extends XMLMind Editor authoring into a complete, cohesive, and cost-effective XML content management environment for technical documents. The SiberSafe/XMLMind Editor integration offers standard SiberSafe functionality directly from XMLMind Editor via menus and context-sensitive commands. SiberSafe has an integrated menu to deliver seamless content management functionality from within the XMLMind Editor user interface. From the XMLMind Editor environment, users can open a document and retrieve the content along with associated dependencies such as cross reference targets, referenced images, and reused content.

The XMLMind Editor integration incorporates SiberLogic's flexible, powerful workflow functionality:

  • authoring and review assignments are submitted and automatically distributed via workflow email
  • each contributor has a list of tasks and knows how and when to execute them
  • managers can keep track of progress and resource allocation

With a host of additional features such as collaborative review and translation management, the complexity of the technical documentation process is reduced to a single integrated platform.

The synergy between SiberSafe and XMLMind Editor offers real and tangible benefits to  authoring teams. The integration enables technical documentation to be created with a familiar, highly appropriate tool, managed in an environment designed for exactly that material, and published using the best of both technologies.

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SiberSafe XML Communicator and DITA

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DITA authoring with SiberSafe’s integral XML editor.