SiberLogic delivers XML content management solutions that minimize the costs of content creation and content maintenance, maximize content reuse, accelerate content translation and development, and future-proof content investment
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See SiberSafe in action! Animated demos walk you step-by-step through SiberSafe screens and commands to accomplish a particular goal. Presentations are movies that visually elaborate on an area or application of SiberSafe functionality.

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Standard demos Advanced demos:

Using SiberSafe Dashboard
An overview of the most commonly-used features in the Dashboard user interface.

Cross-platform support
See SiberSafe Dashboard running on a Linux platform via the Mozilla browser.

Collaborative review
How multiple reviewers and editors can work on the same document.

Parallel development
See how multiple authors can work simultaneously on content creation.

Conditional inclusion
How to produce diverse and targeted documents from the same content.

SiberSafe MIF Support
See how to develop and maintain MIF (FrameMaker Interchange Format) content in the SiberSafe repository.

SiberSafe XLIFF Content Translation and Update
See how XLIFF facilitates the content translation, update and review process.

S1000D Mapping/Viewer
See how using SiberSafe with the MS Word can make development of S1000D-compatible documentation quicker and more convenient.

Authoring with SiberSafe XMetaL Integration
Using SiberSafe XMetaL integration allows increasing significantly convenience and effectiveness of authors work.

SiberSafe integration with the FrameMaker Application Pack for DITA, and the DITA Open Toolkit
Includes insertion and navigation of conrefs and links from within FrameMaker; and DITA map publication to PDF via the DITA OT with conrefs etc. resolved and rendered.

SiberSafe XML Communicator and DITA
DITA authoring with SiberSafe’s integral XML editor.

SiberSafe/FrameMaker integration
See SiberSafe run from FrameMaker to deliver an effective content management environment for technical documentation.

DITA support in SiberSafe
Overview of SiberSafe’s support for topic-based content creation and management.

SiberSafe and S1000D
See how SiberSafe supports the creation, management, and delivery of S1000D-compliant documentation.

Producing training-enabled S1000D
Develop, create and publish S1000D data modules, training courses and IETPs.

Translating content
Save time and effort in the content translation process using SiberSafe.

TRADOS-based translation support
TRADOS and SiberSafe working together to streamline content translation.


Collaborative review
See how multiple reviewers and editors work on the same XML document using SiberSafe-enabled workflow.

Release management
See how SiberSafe can help you manage your projects efficiently.

Conditional inclusion
How to create and maintain documents that share content.

Identify which parts of your content need to be translated, to reduce translation costs and time.

Document Builder
A content reuse scenario for audience-specific documents.

Integrating training content
See how SiberSafe can help you jointly develop IETMs and computer-based training materials.

Managing Reuse: A Content Management Perspective
Slides from a SiberLogic and Rockley Group webinar

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