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SiberSafe Styler is a Microsoft Word-based printable layout design tool for XML-based publications. SiberSafe Styler is suitable for DITA, S1000D, DocBook or any other standard or custom XML information model. In a matter of minutes and without being a programmer you can have SiberSafe Styler produce an XSLT transform that will convert any number of your XML documents into WordML. From the WordML format, you can easily go into PDF, DOC(X), RTF, HTML and a multitude of other formats supported by Word.


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How it Works

  1. Click here to download your trial version of SiberSafe Styler limited to the sample content included in the installation package.
  2. In a Word document, using a two-column table, you simply match Word-based styles with XML element types or XPath expressions. Then you add stationary information, such as title page graphics and caution/warning icons, until this template document meets the design requirements for your published documentation.

    Click here to download an example of a SiberSafe Styler DITA template (save locally and open in Microsoft Word);
  3. From this template, SiberSafe Styler automatically produces an XSLT stylesheet that can then be used to process any XML document that complies with your schema or DTD. You can now use your automatically generated XSLT stylesheet to transform into WordML as many documents as you like, without SiberSafe Styler being involved.

    Click here to download an example of the SiberSafe Styler-generated XSLT stylesheet that you can use to transform your DITA maps into Word
  4. Once you transform your XML content into WordML, you can use Word to go into PDF, DOC(X), RTF, HTML and a multitude of other formats supported by Word.

    Click here to download an example of a PDF document produced by a Styler-generated XSLT transform from a DITA map.

A cost-effective alternative to XSLT scripting

For technical documentation teams working with XML-based content, the cost of styled publishing transformations can be significant. Traditional transformation frameworks, such as XSLT, that ensure a specific look and feel to published documentation are often difficult and costly to develop, and equally expensive to maintain. SiberSafe Styler dramatically reduces your XSLT stylesheet maintenance and development costs.

SiberSafe Styler reduces the complexity of XML publishing transformations; delivering a simple, fast, cost-effective alternative to XSLT scripting that enables non-technical users to easily yet comprehensively control the look and feel of their output, without programming. SiberSafe Styler leverages Microsoft Word's XML capabilities and familiar document formatting interface.

No XSLT scripting skills required

Using Styler, you can design complex printable layouts with automatically rendered Tables of Contents, book- and chapter-level title pages, graphical footers/headers, page numbering, section numbering, multi-level bullet and numbered lists, complex tables, and more. All with no programming or XSLT scripting skills. SiberSafe Styler comes with default DITA and DocBook templates giving you a great starting point, as well as a good example and room to experiment.

It's simple, it's fast, it's cost-effective, and it keeps you in control.

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SiberSafe Styler

Installation Package

Run this installation package to install SiberSafe Styler, a Microsoft Word plug-in for PDF layout template design and XSLT stylesheet auto-generation
SiberSafe End User License Agreement

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SiberSafe DITA Edition


This document describes the various features included in SiberSafe's DITA solution
SiberSafe Styler Datasheet


Learn how to convert XML into PDF with your distinct branding and look-n-feel without XSLT programming. This datasheet describes the features and benefits of SiberSafe Styler