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XML defines "external entities" as the only widely supported content reuse mechanism. Entities are XML fragments stored in a different file to the XML document. Entities are included in documents by reference. SiberSafe tracks the relationship between the external entities and the documents that use them, and the relationship between documents and the entities they use. SiberSafe provides many features that make it easy to create, find, use, and opt out of using external entities, such as:

Creating entities

With SiberSafe, users can create entities from fragments at the click of a button. SiberSafe moves the fragment that was converted into a file, and replaces the content with a reference to that file. The created entity is stored in the repository and is immediately available to any member of the team for inclusion in other documents. Entities can be organized in any grouping in the repository using a folder hierarchy model. Teams can define and implement the organization that best suits them.

Entities are directly accessible from most popular XML authoring tools via the SiberLogic entity catalog. Entities can be edited in the context of the full document or as an entity. If only the entity needs to be edited, SiberSafe generates the required XML wrapping so the entity is a valid XML document. This wrapping is stripped when the changed entity is returned to the repository.

Finding entities

SiberSafe allows users to easily locate all relevant reusable entities for processing in an XML editor. Relevant entities can be located as follows:

SiberSafe automatically copies selected entity names into the clipboard for easy pasting into the XML editor.

Tracking reuse

SiberSafe's link management features enable users to track what content is being reused in what document. By including reusable components directly in their documents, users can ensure that all updates are included in the document at publishing time. The user can see all changes made to all included entities by verifying the document history.

Reusing entities

Once an author has located a relevant entity, it can be included in a document under construction using one of the following mechanisms:

See the Document Builder demo

All three mechanisms are intended for use within the framework of a reuse architecture. While SiberSafe will support almost any reuse architecture, SiberLogic offers a white paper outlining a recommended reuse architecture for organizations that prefer not to develop their own.

See the white paper on recommended information architecture
See the white paper on reuse strategies
See the demo on parallel development

What our customers say:

Barbara J. Reeder, President, SDI Government Solutions:

"The unprecedented flexibility of the SiberSafe solution and the responsiveness of SiberLogic’s team help us to successfully manage the conversion of technical manuals into any of the evolving standards of the Department of Defense Community.”

Philip Vallone, Manager, Technical Documentation, SDI Government Solutions

SDI has been using SiberSafe CMS/CSDB for over 5 years to manage and automate its technical documentation development, maintenance and conversion processes. SDI's business is project-driven and every project comes with its own set of standard compliance requirements. SiberSafe has helped SDI to successfully comply with multiple technical publication standards, including S1000D, MIL-STD-2361 and DITA for our commercial and US DoD clients' projects. SiberSafe has tremendously evolved over the years, helping us meet our diverse project requirements. SiberLogic’s technical support and consulting services have helped us meet the project deadlines in our documentation development and conversion projects.

Open Ratings, Dun & Bradstreet

Open Ratings (Dun & Bradstreet) has independently surveyed multiple SiberLogic's customer accounts and gave SiberLogic high marks for its past performance in a number of business related categories, based on the quality of its products and services. Download a copy of the Open Ratings evaluation report from our website


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