Content Translation/Localization

SiberSafe enables documentation teams to cost-effectively generate the same product documentation in many languages by producing temporary documents that include only the subset of content that needs to be translated. The functions that facilitate translation operations are:

Translation Branching

The "Translate" operation in SiberSafe creates a snapshot of the stream when the documentation development is sufficiently advanced for translation to begin. This new translation stream mirrors all the objects from the original stream (files, folders, granularities, etc.). The translation stream does not contain an actual copy of the original objects, but rather a reference to the original objects. This means that SiberSafe can keep track of those objects that have changed both in the source stream and in the translation stream, It also means that creating translation streams is fast, and does not consume large amounts of disk space.

The document in the translation stream starts out as content in the original language. As it is being translated, the translation stream will contain some content in the original language and some content in the translated language. Finally, the translation will contain only translated content.

Translation Merging

As a document is being translated, the source document in the original language stream is often still evolving. The challenge is to incorporate the changes made in the original language stream to the translation stream, while preserving all the translation work done to date. The solution is to create another snapshot, consisting of all the objects in the current version of the original language stream, merged with all the translated objects in the first snapshot. This new merged stream will include any content that has changed in the original language stream, along with any translated content that remains the same. The translation team can therefore focus only on content that still requires translation, and never has to translate content more than once.

Additional translation support

Because documentation development and translation into different languages often occur in parallel, tracking multiple versions of original language content while matching them with already translated content can become complex. SiberSafe incorporates additional features that allow teams to manage this complexity, such as:

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