Aviation Safety, Compliance and Content Management in Flight Operations and MRO

SiberSafe SCCMS is an affordable software suite for aviation Safety, Compliance and Content management. SiberSafe SCCMS provides the incident reporting, audit management, safety analysis and documentation portals seamlessly integrated into the state-of-the-art S1000D standard-based techpubs infrastructure.

SiberSafe SCCMS fully implements the Safety Management System paradigm as defined by FAA in the United States and IOSA in Europe. It also offers audit management featues within the same framework. On the technical publications side, our technology handles both structured (XML) and unstructured (PDF) documentation as an end-to-end solution, including documentation conversion, authoring, safety/compliance analysis, review/approval and publishing stages.

SiberSafe SCCMS comes pre-loaded with a library of SRRs (Specific Regulatory Requirements), such as CFRs, SAIs and OPSPECs and allows airlines to maintain bi-directional traceability between the airline documentation and individual SRRs. Due to its SRR-to-documentation traceability capacity, SiberSafe SCCMS can automatically produce an up-to-date Letter of Compliance, showing regulatory authorities and auditors a consistent and up-to-date compliance picture at any given point in time. SiberSafe SCCMS dramatically reduces the often enormous effort and sometimes prohibitive costs otherwise associated with an airline's pursuit of the safety-oriented regulatory compliance.In addition to the safety and compliance-related benefits, due to its built-in support for S1000D and other international structured technical publication standards, SiberSafe SCCMS offers airlines a unique opportunity to ensure the uniform structure and layout across the entire documentation library as well as to standardize its documentation methodology, content and toolset on a mature international aerospace standard, such as S1000D.


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Pricing for SiberSafe Safety/Compliance CMS


This document contains the detailed pricing information for SiberSafe Safety, Compliance and Content Management System as well as all the related applications and utilities
Safety and Compliance Management Portal Workflow Diagram

This diagram provides a high-level overview of the waterfall-type SiberSafe SCCMS Safety and Compliance Management portal workflow.